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Tag Archives: bottom line

Partnering for a Sustainable Supply Chain: Smithfield Foods

This case study tells the story of how Smithfield Foods, a $15-billion global food company and the world’s largest pork processor and hog producer, is tapping the power of collaboration to create a more sustainable supply chain. The focus: environmental impacts of growing hogs and the grain that feeds them. The company’s strategic partner in […]

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Helping Farmers Succeed with Cover Crops: Two Case Studies

How can ag retailers incorporate cover crops into their business model? Datu reports on the experience of two farmer-owned cooperatives that are committed to actively supporting their customers with cover crop products, advice and services. A follow-on to our September 2018 study of Certified Crop Advisors and Ag Retailers, these case studies tell the story […]

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Sunrise Cooperative: Do What’s Right for the Customer and the Land

Sunrise Cooperative, Inc. is an agricultural, grain, feed, crop insurance and energy cooperative with 33 locations throughout Ohio. Sunrise’s involvement in cover crops came not as a specific decision, but as a gradual process of responding to customers’ needs. Over the past eight years, the Sunrise team has seen water quality become a major factor […]

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Datu Case Studies, ICYMI!

In a recent series of Datu Case Studies, four Midwest farmers present detailed, year-by-year budget data on their adoption of two soil health management practices: cover crops and no-till. Farmers who switch to these practices can see losses at first, but these case study farmers showed clear economic benefits. By generously sharing what they’ve learned, they are speeding up the learning curve […]

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