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Datu in the Media: New Methane Report

Highlighting job opportunities in the emerging industry to detect and repair leaks in natural gas facilities, national media cited our recent report prepared for EDF, “Find & Fix: Job Creation in the Emerging Methane Leak Detection and Repair Industry.” Read more…

Print Coverage:

○    TAKE A GLANCE! STOPPING METHANE LEAKS OFFERS JOB OPPORTUNITIES: Research released Tuesday, commissioned by the Environmental Defense Fund, finds jobs associated with detecting and repairing methane leaks are scattered throughout 60 companies in 45 states. The majority of those companies are small businesses and have experienced up 30 percent business growth in states with methane regulations.

Broadcast Coverage:

  • KDKA-AM Radio – Pittsburgh, PA
  • WPXI-PIT (NBC)- Pittsburgh, PA
  • PCNC – Pittsburgh Cable News Channel, Pittsburgh, PA
  • WPGH-PIT (FOX) – Pittsburgh, PA